Sunday, October 26, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

Final Fantasy- Play EP
Of Montreal- Skeletal Lamping
The Raveonettes- EP [digital release]
Sebastien Grainger- Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains
Times New Viking- Stay Awake 7"

Final Fantasy is the, mostly, solo project from Owen Pallett who is probably most known for composing the string parts on the two Arcade Fire full length album. He writes music that feels like fairytale dream sequences and/or the best hallucination of your life.

You can get the Of Montreal album as a paper lantern or a tote bag. Each of those releases come with an MP3 download code. If you don't have the proper lighting for a paper lantern then you can also get it on CD or vinyl, but where's the fun in that?

Sebastien Grainger, formerly of dance-punk group Death From Above 1979, releases his Saddle Creek debut. He plays almost every instrument on the recording.


Alex B. said...

That's a great description of Final Fantasy. I might add that his voice sounds like he dropped out of a choir of angels: his music makes me think of vaulted cathedral ceilings, flooded with light filtered through stained glass windows. Religious, you might say. But isn't God arguably just a superlative hallucination?

LankaKitten said...

Damn, you make me want to learn more about Final Fantasy.