Sunday, November 30, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

The Killers - Day & Age The Killers are my favorite band of Mormons. For a group of Mormons they sure do put together some excellent high energy sex-charged post-punk dance pop that makes me want to fuck. If it turns out that lead singer, and devout mormon, Brandon Flowers gave money to the pro-Prop 8 campaign in California then you should download it for free somewhere. If he didn't, then go ahead and buy it. The cover is super shiny and pretty. The band picture insert makes it look like all 4 band members have completely different gimmicks and belong in 4 separate bands.

Los Campesinos!
- We Are Beautiful We Are Doomed this one was finally released here in the states. The CD package comes with a separate DVD and a zine. I haven't listened to it yet, but I am SUPER stoked on this one.


Alex B. said...

Am I allowed to agree with your sentiment that this album isn't as good as the last two when all I've heard is the intro to the first couple of songs? I mean, I know the Killers generally take some warming up for some - but to be quite honest, I liked their stuff from the last two albums from the first listen. Probably more than I should have.

Jon said...

I think that you are always allowed to agree with me.