Sunday, November 23, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

Today marks the release of Guns 'n Roses Chinese Democracy. It is the first GnR album in 15 years and the first studio album in 17. This is a Best Buy exclusive, so lame. I love "Sweet Child O' Mine" as much as the next guy, but that is not what we will be getting here.

I don't imagine that I will, ever, hear this album. I heard the first single at a Rock Band party, and I was far from impressed.

This does mean that every US citizen, excluding Slash and Buckethead, are eligible for a free can of Dr. Pepper! You have until tomorrow morning to do it though.
use this link and scroll down to the bottom and on the left side you will see the Free Dr. Pepper link.

I'm sure you will enjoy it more than the album.

For those of you in Seattle go to Easy Street today to get 20% off all non sale items.

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