Monday, July 21, 2008

Music: TV On the Radio Returns!

TV On the Radio have their own website, and it hadn't been updated for almost a year. Hadn't been- that is until yesterday.

This is all it says:

TV On The Radio's new album Dear Science, is set to release on September 23rd!

Upcoming tour dates:

5 Musicfest NW, Roseland Theater Portland, OR*
6 Showbox, Seattle WA*
7 Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC*
9 Macewan Ballroom, Calgary AB*
10 Starlite Room, Edmonton AB*
12 Knitting Factory Boise ID*
13 In the Venue, Salt Lake City UT*
14 Monolith Festival, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison CO
19 Street Scene, San Diego, CA
20 Treasure Island Festival, San Francisco CA

*Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson will be the opener.

I just looked up tickets on the Showbox website for the September 6th show. It is not at the Showbox at the Market(the Showbox that people outside of Seattle are aware of). No, it is instead at the worst venue in town: the Showbox SODO. The Showbox SODO is in the warehouse area of "South Downtown" and it's actually in a renovated warehouse of sorts. It has a poor sound set up and a slab concrete floor that does a number on all the joints in your body as you move to the music. Did I mention that the sound sucks?

Oh yah, and if it's an all ages show then you can't have alcohol anywhere remotely close to the stage. My friend Jimmer goes to a lot of shows and he absolutely refuses to go to the Showbox SODO- I can't say that I blame him. I'll probably skip this show due to the horrid warehouse concert hall.

There is a slight chance that I will make it out to the Monolith festival at Red Rocks, but it's not set in stone(pardon the pun) just yet.

Anyway, news of a new TV On the Radio album makes me ridiculously happy! This has become the album on the release schedule that I am most excited about.


LankaKitten said...

Merritt was telling me how good the sound is there. Is he a damn dirty liar?

Jimmer said...

My apologies if my dislike of SoDo has rubbed off on you.

Jon said...

Merritt is a damn dirty liar! Well, in his defense- if you are in front of the stage then the sound is great. If you are on the sides at all then it's lame.

And Jimmer, I don't hate it as much as you do. I just think that all of your points are valid. The combination ticket price and venue are what will probably keep me from TV on the Radio. I could always end up being there though.