Monday, April 26, 2010

MUSIC: Breaking News on Weezer, Pinkerton Tour

Sometimes I get information from places. People, sources, they tell me things by adding, "I'm not supposed to say anything yet, but..."

This happened to me today. And for whatever reason, I decided that I want to break this news on my rarely updated blog with a readership of 2- maybe 3.

Later this year Weezer are going to be touring, and playing Pinkerton in it's entirety.

This information also coincides with's article today mentioning a Pinkerton rerelease as well as upcoming Weezer tour dates.

Just remember, when it's officially announced, you read it here first.


Brookie said...

This would be awesome news if I ever cared about Weezer.
Nice to be in the know though

Anonymous said...

I like building things out of sand. The graham crackers are not crumchy though, will that be a problem?

Anonymous said...

Reddit discovered you dude:

aperock said...

I will be all over this if it happens.

aperock said...


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