Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MUSIC: MewithoutYou, "It's Alright" alright.

MewithoutYou's latest release has a long title, "it's all crazy! it's all false! it's all a dream! it's alright". For our purposes, the title can be condensed to just, "it's alright."

It starts off well enough with, "every thought a Thought of You"(emphasis theirs). Which includes the following stanza:

"no one here to believe but You,
everyone else is bound to leave but You,
when we swear, my love is real, we mean,
I like the way you make me feel,"

Which, out of context of the album has to be the most self deprecating, non belief of love that I have ever heard in music. It seemed rather refreshing.

That is, until you listen to the rest of the album and look at the liner notes. "You" is capitalized, because it's a pronoun for Allah, God, Yahwe, et al.

All in all, the album(which is entirely acoustic) comes off as an odd mix of Neutral Milk Hotel, old testament Sunday school ethics, and some sort of child's tale about insects and plants.

It's the best christian rock album I have ever heard.

That's probably not a compliment.


Lankacide said...

I thought they were called MEWwithoutyou and I was delighted for a moment.

Jon said...

Yah, I grabbed it because upon glancing at it, I thought it was the band, Mew. It is not.

Lankacide said...

There's a band called Mew? That's cute.
I wonder what awful cat pun I'd call my band...?