Sunday, January 25, 2009

slow to update....

I broke my computer. Seriously. So I have been slow to update. It will continue to be slow, but I will update from time to time until things calm down a bit.


Jes said...

You have a laptop in your possession now, how dare you continue with this lack of writing. I am disappointed sir, severely disappointed!!!

Jes said...

A mere 10 days later I've been informed of a NEW personal computer now in your possession... To quote you, today at 12:24p:
"Jonathan: ooh yah! New computers are awesome, when suddenly it's like- this thing is the most technological advanced thing I have ever played with!"

Your currently half-dead, plague ridden status is of no consequence.

Alex B. said...

If this is, like, a play on the title of your blog, it's getting old. Come back!

Bob Ruzzo said...


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