Saturday, December 13, 2008

Music: Top Albums of 2008: Number 15

The top albums of 2008 countdown begins right now!

At number 15 we have the Seattle bred post-apocalyptic dance-pop group Man Plus with their album, The Hungarian Suicide Songbook.

There are not many albums that were released this year that can boast as a fact that every single one of their tracks has been played on a popular radio station. Man Plus can make that claim with not only their full length album but also with the remixes that they have freely made available online throughout the last half of the year.

Billie Holliday allusions aside, this album is Manat's danceable beats and Jared Mills sexy growl of such lyrics as, "What I like about funeral roses, buy them once and you'll never grow older," and "Do you like how you look? Cause you look like a whore!"

I would tell you to check out their live show in the near future, but the band is currently overseas in Japan recording their follow up to this year's hit album. Once they return to the states do remember that Man Plus put on a can't miss live show.


Anonymous said...

Man Plus in Japan..... Yes I am good friends with Jeremy and they left for Japan quite a while ago, but not for the reasons you would think. Yes they are recording a new CD their but it also has to do with the dowry Jeremy has to pay to his wifes father. Part of his dowry was that he has to work for her father at his fish hatchery for 6 months. Don't worry they will be back.

Katie said...

Love this band soooooooo much! They are the future of pop.

Jon said...

I'll have to ask about the Dowry when I do my interview,

Ooh, "the future of pop", they should hire you to write their press kit Katie!