Saturday, September 6, 2008

Music: Man Plus Remix Album FOR FREE!!!

The fine folks over at Man Plus headquarters have contacted me, and they have asked that I share their remix EP with the fine readers at Where the Silence Is.

It's a zip fileof the remix version of five songs from the album The Hungarian Suicide Songbook. Did I mention that it's free?!?!

Seriously, download this, and then go see Man Plus at one of their upcoming Seattle dates:

9/12 - Britney Spears Cover night @ Mars Bar
9/13 - KEXP Midday Dance Party @ Nectar
10/4 - Reverb in Ballard
10/31 - Halloween Show(!) at the Comet


Jes said...

It's actually only 5 of the 14 songs...

Kids Gone Bad
Mexican Moon
My Kind of People

But they're still free and awesome!

Thanks from Man Plus HQ.
xo, jes.

aperock said...

Man Plus The Magic Numbers Minus The Bear = ???