Sunday, August 10, 2008

MMA: UFC 87 Results

Georges St. Pierre absolutely dominated Jon Fitch for 5 rounds to successfully defend the UFC Welterweight Championship by unanimous decision. With the judges scores being 50-43, 50-44, and 50-44 it looks like every judge scored round one 10-8 in favor of GSP as he was on the verge of absolutely destroying Fitch from the get go. This fight was given fight of the night honors and each fighter received a $60,000 bonus for that award.

The big news coming out of the show tonight was that after the main event UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn got in the octagon and challenged St. Pierre to an upcoming fight. This fight will hopefully take place in Honolulu, where Penn is from. GSP and Penn have fought before at UFC 65 in March of 2006. That was an excellent fight which had GSP winning by split decision.

That of course was a different BJ Penn, and if BJ is serious about his training and conditioning going into the rematch then that will be a fight between two of the best fighters in the world at any weight class.

In the heavyweight matchup Brock Lesner knocked Heath Herring rolling backwards with a big right to open the first round. Brock won by unanimous decision 30-26 from all 3 judges. He dominated from start to finish. All in all this was mostly a wrestling match with Lesner getting takedowns and landing some punches and knees as well, but he never appeared to attempt a submission of any sort. Brock is going to need to learn some submissions if he is going to be the top fighter in the division, but this was only his third professional fight and he is a beast! After the match Brock Lesner played the heel standing over Herring and then miming that he was lassoing and reeling in Herring. You can take the fighter out of professional wrestling, but you can't take the professional wrestling out of the fighter.

Roger Huerta did not win by decision. Kenny Florian played to his reach advantage the entire fight. Huerta was seemingly in constant pursuit and Ken Flo backed away and worked his jab to perfection. This was not the most exciting fight, and Ken Flo won by unanimous decision 30-27.

Rob Emerson won the knockout of the night honors and a $60,000 bonus for a 12 second knockout of Manny Gamburyan. That is not a typo. He hit him with a right left combo which put him out, then hit another right on the ground and the ref jumped in for the save.

Overall this was a quality UFC pay per view, and the main event did not disappoint.


LankaKitten said...

I totally enjoyed it.

Remj said...

Huerta just couldn't break the distance. Florin played smart and won. It's not the total "all-out-for-win" that you see in matches, but I thought it was interesting for that reason.

Jon said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it lankakitten! I'll let you know where I watch next months show.

And remj, it was definitely a fight that told a story. Part of the story in this case is that Ken Flo is a very polished technical fighter and Huerta is much more of a brawler. The technical fighter won this time.